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Robot Chess

Use your own hands to defeat a chess-playing robot.
2.89649808719048 of 5
by Nathan Beattie
Age Rating: 3+

Robot Chess

Robot Chess aims to mimic the feeling of real tabletop chess on your very own computer. Realistic controls combined with a virtual opponent will guarantee that this is Chess like you've never experienced it before!

Uses a desk-mounted Leap Motion Controller

  • Face off against a robotic opponent as you use your own hands to move pieces around the board.
  • Easy and Hard difficulty modes to truly test your skills.
  • Intuitive menu system.
  • Tutorial for beginners.
  • Oculus Rift DK2 compatible (Press 'R' to recenter your view)

For the best Chess experience on Leap Motion, you can't go past Robot Chess!

Known Issues

The AI will cheat on rare occasions. If this occurs, please give him a stern talking to and begin a new game.
HMD mode does not support head-mounted tracking. Place the Leap Motion Controller on the table in front of you.
App requires a discrete video card.

What's New

Version 1.1.1
  • Improved hand tracking.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Terrible

    1 of 5
    by GergelySzalai – December 4

    1. It's inaccurate, I made accidental moves several times 2. The game does not sense checkmate....which is really awkward since we are talking about a chess game

    1 out of 2 customers found this review helpful

  • Its good, but....

    3 of 5
    by CalMacDa – December 26, 2014

    Its easy to use with the Leap, fun, and very interactive, but there are only 2 difficulty settings! Easy and hard! If I can beat easy, and want a challenge, but don't want to be demolished every time I try, then what do I choose, medium? No... Because there isn't a medium setting... Please give it more difficulty settings. Even just one more, intermediate, would be nice.

    7 out of 7 customers found this review helpful

  • Lacks fundamental chess rules

    3 of 5
    by kabekew – January 29, 2015

    It doesn't know the basic chess rule of en passant. It also needs a take-back option, because you need to spend a lot of time just trying to get your move to the right square (and half the time it goes to a different one). Otherwise it's kind of fun to play (for a free app). I'm only 1600 ELO USCF and can easily mate it in the default mode.

    8 out of 9 customers found this review helpful

  • Controls Improvement please

    3 of 5
    by hassellopf – October 22, 2014

    The controls definitely need to be improved under difficult lighting conditions.

    4 out of 4 customers found this review helpful

  • Not fullscreen

    2 of 5
    by user-101938193 – December 5, 2014

    I can't make it work on fullscreen...

    4 out of 6 customers found this review helpful

  • Does not work on laptop

    2 of 5
    by Ramanan – September 22, 2014

    Hi, i tried download this game to my hp laptop with integrated leap motion. Unfortunately it does not work, when i open app. it says 'Please connect your leap motion controller'.

    3 out of 6 customers found this review helpful

    Platform: Windows
    Version: 1.1.1
    Size: 14.7 MB
    Age Rating: 3+
System Requirements

- Windows 7+
- 2GHz GHz Intel Core i3
- 2 GB RAM
- 50mb HD space


i7-2600K - 3.40GHz CPU
12.0GB RAM
Windows 7 OS - 64bit
GeForce 8600 GT Graphics Card.
LeapMotion version 2.1.2+
50mb HD space