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A component library for Grasshopper
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by McEwen Studio
Age Rating: 3+

Primate: a component library for Grasshopper

Primate is a plug-in for the 3D software Rhino with Grasshopper, the scripting interface for parametric definitions of openNURBS geometry. Primate uses a C# package on the .NET platform to create communication between the Leap peripheral device and the powerful suite of 3D modelling potential in Rhino and Grasshopper. This brings the intuition of hand gestures to a rigorous platform for programming, modelling and parameter control.

Primate Components: Parametric geometry at your fingertips

The Primate components themselves can interface with any geometry - surfaces, solids, non-euclidian forms. Anything that can be modeled in NURBS which stands for Non-uniform rational basis spline (NURBS).

Specifically, the Primate suite includes:

  • Components for counting fingers and hands
  • Component for Tracking a pointing finger
  • Component that tracks the Direction of an extended hand
  • Component that tracks a palm and the vector normal to a palm
  • Component that mimics the sphere described by a cupped hand.

Ratings & Reviews

    This app's current version has no reviews yet.
    This app's current version has no reviews yet.
System Requirements

The Primate plugin works with Grasshopper. Grasshopper requires .NET 3.5 while running on Rhino4 and .NET 4.0 or better while running on Rhino5. Be sure your windows supports these.