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The kind of tic-tac-toe you don't often see engraved on the walls of a prison cell.
3.71866350336101 of 5
by Æromancie
Age Rating: 3+


The rules are simple : complete one of the four shapes before your opponent does.

Features :

  • Local Human vs Computer
  • Local Human vs Human
  • Mouse and keyboard controls
  • Great for children
  • ... and adults too !
  • Makes your brains tastier for zombies

Defeat the arrogant and increasingly annoying AI !

Unlock the harder levels by beating the easy ones.


Challenge a friend or an arch-enemy in a hotseat duel !

Note : Players should be on the same side of the device.


Pentagons are more useful than you think !
Well, the AI will teach you that the hard way anyway...

It's not a bug, it's a feature !

This is a packaged version of the motion-enabled browser game.


Powered by
  • Kiouze, for his design
  • Gizko, for his alchemy
  • Aurel, for his genius
  • Colin, for jax
  • Willou, for testing
  • Kristen, for her support
  • Shibby, for the laughs
  • the Ioths, ioth
  • Mamzelle Bulle, for her wisdom
  • Georges, \o/ \o/
  • our other friends, for their patience
  • and of course, our awesome families

What's New

Version 3.4.1
  • Added an animation when placing a stone.
  • Updated to latest leap.js library (0.6.4).
  • Fixed the "no controller detected" message.

Ratings & Reviews

  • The motion controls are a bit off

    4 of 5
    by ktechwhiz – December 7, 2015

    The motion controls are a bit weird, and sometimes can be a bit annoying, but i love the game, lot of fun.


    Platform: Windows
    Version: 3.4.1
    Size: 23 MB
    Age Rating: 3+
System Requirements

OS X 10.7+
Intel® Core i3, i5, i7 processor
WebGL-compliant video card