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用 Leap Motion+Oculus 径直巡航,通过超级对撞机
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年龄分级: 3+


来自 Funktronic Labs 时髦的朋友们为你带来另一种运动控制互动式视听体验!

Collider 让你化身为一枚粒子,它通过超级对撞机进行加速并弯曲了空间和时间。使用你的双手,在合成音乐和生成特效的作用下扭曲你的脸。别忘了戴上你的 Oculus Rift VR(如果你有一台的话)!

与日本媒体艺术家 Baiyon 协作开发。

## 特性
* 支持 Oculus Rift VR(DK1 和 DK2。需要 LEAP Motion VR 支架)
* 可生成的视觉效果
* 使用 LEAP Motion Controller 以独有手势进行操控
* 由 Baiyon 制作的超星系音效

© 2014 Funktronic Labs

图形程序设计:Eddie Lee
UX 程序设计:kalin
音效设计:Baiyon/Tomohisa Kuramitsu



版本 1.2.0
  • Oculus VR + Leap Mount fully support. Enjoy your trip :)

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  • First Oculus+Leap experience

    3 of 5
    by Numitron – October 29, 2014

    It really needs to implement positional tracking for the DK2, or at least give some way of resetting the orientation. It keeps orienting me to the left. The Leap is still twitchy but much better when head mounted. The experience itself is what I would call a ''mind trip'', which is pretty cool in an Oculus, if nonsensical. It's probably the first Oculus+Leap experience, and it feels like it. But it's okay.

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  • create use of occulus and leap

    5 of 5
    by ecompositor – October 10, 2014

    try it before or after smoking, If in colorado or washington

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  • Good

    4 of 5
    by Pendogthegamer – November 14, 2014

    It's nice, but the tracking seems to be derpy at times. Fix that, and you've got an awesome game that makes you feel both calm and powerful.

    3 / 5 位顾客认为此评论有帮助

  • How To Play And Download?

    5 of 5
    by minecrafter321 – January 3, 2015

    how to download it and play it?


  • oculus sdk 0.7

    4 of 5
    by acro1t – October 16, 2015

    please update, merci!!

    1 / 1 位顾客认为此评论有帮助

    平台: OS X
    版本: 1.2.0
    大小: 39.1 MB
    年龄分级: 3+
  • OS: 10.8+
  • CPU: Intel i3 2 GHz or Greater
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Video Card: 512 MB graphics card (shader model 2)
  • Free Disk Space: 100 MB